Software Solutions

Kamem offers a variety of electronic programs that will develop and organize the work of companies and institutions. These are some of the programs that our company built and developed:


Is a tablet application designed to help restaurants make it easier to work inside the restaurant by allowing the customer to order by himself using a screen-mounted menu with pictures and information on each dish.


Is a smart phone application that gives the user the ability to search for any service or products he needs and shows his needs in the area where he is like ordering food or ordering materials from the supermarket or medicine from the pharmacy or request home services such as carpentry, mourning and lot more

Pro Manage

Has everything the company needs to follow the progress of the project from start to finish. This program is easy to use, as well as other administrative features offered by this program, which not only seeks to increase the spirit of cooperation of the team, but will increase productivity on a daily bas


Is a system for controlling, arranging, storing and managing documents within a single organization. This system helps to monitor changes to each document by recording information about each change and storing backup copies at each modification.


Is a hotel management system that aims to make better decisions to increase profit by developing a strategy for customer service and hotel management. Our multi-departmental program touches every area of hotel business with features that strengthen customer relationships and improve service quality.


Is an e-learning management system. It is a multidisciplinary system designed to combine management tools, communication, evaluation, monitoring and others to provide technical support to teachers and students to improve the different stages of the teaching and learning process.

Rank Tank

Is a program to assess corporate performance and manage customer complaints and is designed to facilitate the creation of survey templates for each topic you need in your company.